Hi Jim, the one huge deficiency that will matter to you in the IC-9700 is that it cannot transmit 9600 baud packet. 

For receiving 9600, you can use the IF output and feed that into a software TNC and decode that way.  But it’s a workaround at best.  Ugly hack and not very efficient. 

So, that’ll be the one feature you’ll miss!  Sadly I have to use an old TS-2000X to command Falconsat-3.  The 9700 simply can’t do it. 

Many of us expressed disappointment to ICOM but they have never really responded to the feature request. Would seem like a firmware update should do it but evidently not. 

Otherwise I really enjoy the rig!

Mark N8MH 

On Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 5:48 PM Jim White <jim@coloradosatellite.com> wrote:

I'm considering replacing my IC910 used for satellite work and FT736R used mostly for 2M EME with a single IC9700.  I'd appreciate hearing from folks who use the 9700 about their experiences.

It will of course have to implement a set of coax switches and relays to allow the 9700 to be connected to 5 different antennas, three amps, three preamps, etc.  But I'm mostly concerned about the cabling and interface to WSJT-X, a KPC9612, a sequencer for the EME side, etc.

Interfacing the FTdx101D to WSJT-X required simple cabling but several settings in both the radio and WSJT-X, and another set of settings in WSJT-X for using that radio with a mast preamp and sequencer for 6 meters. All that was a bit painful to figure out.

Any pitfalls with the IC9100?

Jim, WD0E


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