Felix and the rest of our friends at AMSAT-EA and Firefly Aerospace,

We share your sadness at the loss of the Alpha vehicle and Genesis spacecraft.

We look forward to the launch of Hades and EASAT-2

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On 9/2/2021 10:37 PM, Felix Paez EA4GQS wrote:

Dear friends,

Unfortunately, the GENESIS satellites were destroyed along with the Firefly Alpha vehicle as it suffered an anomaly when it was travelling at Mach 1 speed about two minutes after the launch. It was Firefly's first flight and it was the second attempt after the first had been aborted an hour earlier a few seconds before takeoff.

We are very proud of all the team work and very grateful for this opportunity Firefly has granted to us.

In January we will launch with SpaceX through Alba Orbital, our FM repeaters Hades and EASAT-2. We will keep you posted,

Thanks all and regards,


El mié, 1 sept 2021 a las 20:28, Felix Paez EA4GQS (<[email protected]>) escribió:
Dear friends,

After a year waiting, finally this Friday 3 at 01:00 UTC our digital GENESIS satellites will be launched from Vanderberg AFB aboard Firefly's Alpha rocket in its maiden flight. These satellites are ASK (OOK) and CW repeaters. They transmit a lot of telemetry and also 19 different CW greeting messages in english and spanish.

We would like to ask you all to please try to receive them as any information about their transmisions would be very valuable for us. These are the first satellites we build by ourselves and we need to learn everything we can of them.  Waterfalls, audio USB receptions or IQ files would be very appreciated. Please send them to [email protected] or to [email protected]. We will send you a nice QSL.

Initial keplerians are listed below. We expect to provide accurate ones a pair of days after the launch.

1 99999U 21200E   21246.13531250  .0011565   00000-0  00000-0 0  9990
2 99999 137.094   42.0460 0000473 210.6500 291.0540 15.90200000    16

1 99999U 21200E   21246.13531250  .0011565   00000-0  00000-0 0  9990
2 99999 137.094   42.0460 0000473 210.6500 291.0540 15.90200000    16

145.875 MHz uplink, Modes: CW, ASK 50 bps
436.875 / 434.203 (aux) MHz downlink CW, ASK 50 bps, callsign AM2SAT

145.888 MHz uplink, Modes: CW y ASK 50 bps
436.888 / 434.216 (aux) MHz downlink CW ASK 50 bps, callsign AM3SAT

Live launch streaming will be held in the channel of EverydayAstronaut in Youtube.

More information about this launch can be found here:

Current countdown can be found here:

Full GENESIS transmission descriptions can be found here:

Thanks in advance and regards,



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