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Mark N8MH 

On Sun, Mar 6, 2022 at 9:46 AM Jean Marc Momple <> wrote:
Dear All,

I wish to inform that Christy (KB6LTY) and Gustavo (PR8KW) successfully digipeat on MIR-SAT 1 in spite still testing and debugging the digipeater this side.

To note that the digipeater it is not yet formaly operational and not officially open for HAM traffic thus the bird may be on/off during these tests.

As promised on Twitter I am personally sending to both a first day cover with MIR-SAT 1 stamp and wish to thank them for their interest and collaboration in testing MIR-SAT 1.

We will advise asap when the digipeater open for the community and schedules

Thanks to all sending telemetry on Satnog’s.


Jean Marc (3B8DU)


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