If you use the address that your amsat-bb mail is sent to, then it will connect the account you are creating with the bb list immediately.  If you don't initially get the right email address as your "primary", you can add additional addresses to your account after you have created it.  (I did that--the bb comes to a different address--it makes it easier to filter :-) )

Burns WB1FJ

On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 3:05 PM James Jipping <jhjipping@gmail.com> wrote:
Double     OOOOOPPPSS!   Having a bad day!   Hope it gets better.

Should have written   :

When the sign up asks for my email address does it mean
"W8MRR@AMSAT.ORG" or "jijipping@gmail.com" ??

Thank you

AMSAT 5512

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