I continue to get questions about confirming SAT QSOs on eQSL in
spite of my explanation on my QRZ Page.

My Roving QSOs are ONLY via LoTW (or mail).

I DO NOT use eQSL for Roving. The reason is that I have already
roved in more than 120 Grids. That would require establishing a new
location for EACH Grid in eQSL in addition to my Home Grid. The
method for doing each one in eQSL is difficult and a pain in the butt.

However, establishing new Grids in LoTW is easy by doing a couple
key clicks. So, LoTW is the only place for my roving QSLs on-line.

Of course, you can get a physical QSL by sending me an SASE.

GL/73,    Bob  K8BL               (AMSAT #6593, since 1979)