Hi  Narusawa-San,  

Thanks for the posting about the launch. We hope all goes well with launch and will try to copy some CW telemetry. If the launch is postponed, please let us know.

My estimation the launch time will be:

9:48 to 9:59 Nov 9 2021 Japan Standard Time

00:48   Nov 9, 2021 UTC

06:48 PM   Nov 8, 2021 CST  in Texas, USA (less than 24 hours from the time I am sending this email)

I found transmit frequency of 145.875 for the beacon frequency and Z-Sat will be sending telemetry using CW.

I understand the altitude of the satellite will be low and between 300 km and 500 km. This lower altitude should have a faster doppler shift then we typically see.

If early estimate on Keplerian elements is available this would be helpful. If not available, we will be interested to know a time estimate of how much time will elapse after launch before the satellite is released and telemetry starts. I believe Z-Sat will make one orbit before I would have any possibility to hear the beacon.

Since satellite will use a lower altitude, I can see the need to get as much telemetry as possible early to address any issues and learn about using this type of orbit altitude.


Kind Regards,


Bob Stricklin N5BRG   EM13LL



On Nov 7, 2021, at 6:59 PM, Yasutaka Narusawa (JR2XEA) <[email protected]> wrote:












成澤 泰貴(JR2XEA)

[email protected]



Dear all AMSAT-BB members,


The launch date of Z-Sat by Epsilon Rocket #5 has been reset to November 9.

Launch date: Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Launch time: 9:48 to 9:59 (Japan Standard Time)

So far, there is no change in the Z-Sat TLE.


We look forward to your attention to Z-Sat.


Best regards,


Yasutaka Narusawa (JR2XEA)

Komaki Amateur SATCOM Club

[email protected]



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