Michael G7VJR has added some exciting new grid mapping features to Clublog which are very nice for Satellite and VHF/UHF operators.   It displays nice maps similar to the Gridmaster spreadsheets, but also shows a worldwide map.    Please continue to use the Gridmaster sheets and send Paul updates to assess needs and help the rovers plan their roves, but this is another cool tool as well.   If you already use Clublog you need to reupload your log to capture the grid info.    If you don’t use Clublog, it’s a great tool and I’d suggest you try it and consider supporting his efforts.   See his messages below for details.



Dave – N9FN



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Hi folks,


A few small changes:


1) Club Log can now read in extra grids from the VUCC_GRIDS field, allowing more than one grid per QSO. This is to support crossing grids (i.e. QSOs where a station is on the exact boundary of grids).


2) Merging now works. If you upload an ADIF which contains grids etc. then they are merged in. No need to clear your log anymore.


3) Real time logging now returns "Updated" rather than "Dupe" when updates are made to an existing QSO.


Thanks to Dave AA6YQ for the tip about VUCC_GRIDS and Dave, N9FN for his (amazing) test log which helped immeasurably with this.



Michael G7VJR

On Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 10:23:38 PM UTC+1 G7VJR wrote:

Hi folks,


Back in April when the satellite features of Club Log went live, I started planning the grid square map feature too. This is basically aimed at VHF/UHF and satellite users, but it's available for all QSOs:




Please remember that Club Log only started collecting locators in April! The locators provided by Club Log users are used to fill in, but for best results (if have locator squares in your ADIF file) you might like to clear, and upload in full.


Have fun! The maps are pretty!


vy 73

Michael G7VJR