According to Guenter’s Space Page, Greencube is COSPAR 2022-080E.


OBJECT E               

1 53109U 22080E   22324.17429076 -.00000003  00000-0  00000+0 0  9992

2 53109  70.1537  32.1063 0009356 217.0429 142.9588  6.42583450  8211


73 es GL,







From: jeff griffin
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2022 08:18
To: [email protected]
Subject: [AMSAT-BB] Re: SatPC32 V12.10 and Win11


For what it's worth I also see a slight frequency  drift while working GreenCube.  I have to monitor the D/L and adjust the drift as I work the sat. Not a big deal to me. I don't see this with the dozen or so other sats that I actively work. I'm also using WIN11 and SatPC32 and SatPC32ISS ver  12.10.

73 Jeff kb2m


On 11/20/2022 12:45 AM, Calvin McDonald wrote:

Is anyone successfully using SatPC32 / SatPC32ISS with Windows 11?
I'm trying to track (position and Doppler) GreenCube with SatPC32ISS and I'm experiencing a slow frequency drift that takes me out of alignment with the bird within just a minute or so after restarting SatPC32ISS.  Both V12.9 and V12.10 act the same.  Keps are updated.  If not a Win11 compatibility problem, anyone have any ideas what it might be?  Transceiver is a IC9700.
Thanks - N7AY

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