You are right.  A partial upload will be deleted after a few days.  Probably something like 3 days, I can't recall. 

Keep at it.  Maybe drop the file size of your upload attempt and see what you can do on a single pass, and try more as you optimize?

It's all about signal to noise...the good news is that FS-3 has a great receiver, so it doesn't take a whole lot of uplink gain.  Adjusting for Doppler on both uplink and downlink is important, as is deviation of the uplinked signal.  Try lowering the audio level until it's just audible.  On a receiver, it should sound like "half" of just an open squelch, rule of thumb/ear!

Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]
AMSAT Director and Command Station

On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 12:44 PM <> wrote:
It looks like if it doesn't complete the upload in a certain amount of time or passes, the file gets lost. This must be a housekeeping function on the satellite side. For example, today I get:

Open ABCD:
Ready to upload file: N8URE18.jpg.out
B: 715788744.
U>> From:PFS3-12 to N8URE  Ctrl: 63 Type: UA Res PF: 0 NR: 0  NS: 0
Bad File Number, will ask Pacsat for a new number on next attempt: /home/scalar/Falconsat_data/FalconSat-3/N8URE18.jpg.out
Open ABCD:
Ready to upload file: N8URE18.jpg.out
B: 715788744.

It got to the "Ready to upload" point a number of times on the pass, but then wouldn't get past that stage. For example

Ready to upload file: N8URE18.jpg.out
B: 715789771.
PB: Empty..

and then it moves on to something else. There were a lot of stations on the pass, which I'm sure didn't help.



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