The Wimo X quads are good when they are up and running, however the
company did go through a period where the quality control was poor and you would find parts missing
or your new antennas were not tuning on the frequency you expected and needed 'tweaking' in some way.
To be a little more fair, this was probably a few years ago now and those issues may have gone away.
Wimos are used in the control station for AO73 JO97 EO88 etc so when working, they do work well.


David  G0MRF

p.s.  Thanks for all the 475kHz reports Glenn

-----Original Message-----
From: Glenn VE9GJ <>
Sent: Sat, 29 Jan 2022 20:16
Subject: [AMSAT-BB] M2 LEO vs Wimo X-Quad

I have been thinking of upgrading my sat setup at the home shack.  I am
looking at the G-5500DC rotor but not sure of antennas. The Wimo X-Quads
look very interesting.  Anyone have any thoughts on the Wimos compared
to the M2 antennas?  Any other antennas I should be considering?

Glenn VE9GJ


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