Thank you Christophe.

I see from the web site that users do not need a CTCSS tone to access the transponder.

How is it accessed?   Does it operate with a squelch system + timer?
Presumably a continuous transmission would discharge the battery fairly rapidly.


David  G0MRF

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The LATMOS team has programmed the UVSQ-SAT satellite to go into transponder mode on Sunday, September 12, 2021 starting at 12:00 UTC. The transponder will be active during 11 consecutive hours.

From September 11th 12:00 UTC, an ASCII message will be broadcast to announce that the transponder mode will be activated. To decode the message, you can use the UVSQ-SAT Decoder software: ApplicationUVSQsatDecoder/src/site/markdown/ · 21-ecr-uvsqsat · xtof / JOSAST · GitLab (

Frequencies used :

  • Telemetry :
    • 437.020 MHz - BPSK - GR3UH 9k6
  • FM Transponder :
    • Uplink frequency: 145.905 MHz
    • Downlink frequency: 437.020 MHz
More information on the satellite: UVSQsat (  and project :  UVSQ-SAT (


Christophe Mercier
Président AMSAT-Francophone


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