We do not violate the laws of any country.  We do not listen to the content of any communications.  It is both legal and advisable to map the locations of emitters for all sorts of reasons, public, private, and government.


On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 10:28 AM Zach Metzinger <zmetzing@pobox.com> wrote:
On 06/03/21 06:20, Robert McGwier wrote:
> I despise people illegally using amateur radio equipment. Listening in
> the amateur radio bands to anyone's conversation has no guarantee of
> privacy.

Hello Bob,

Let me clarify: there is no expectation of privacy in the amateur radio
service, and commercial use is prohibited.

My privacy comments were aimed at your satellites tracking cellular
phones and other consumer-type radios. However, I'll leave it at that,
as this forum is dedicated to amateur radio in space.

Bad guys using our satellites for nefarious purposes, as W2RS mentions
in a reply, is definitely something that should concern us.

--- Zach


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