Kenwood TS-2000(x)

The only challenge is automatic doppler control and the use of the internal modems at the same time.

So connect and external modem and you are good to go.


On 25-03-2021 11:10, David G0MRF via AMSAT-BB wrote:

I've had a mail from a Cubesat group asking for recommendations for a 9k6 capable VHF / UHF
Transceiver.   The only advice I can offer as an IC9700 owner is.....Don't buy one of these !
I'm aware the IC910 was a favourite ground station radio, but are there other radios that can operate 9k6 without serious modification ?
Some handhelds probably work well these days (Kenwood?) but I suppose for satellite use, the ability to track Doppler is probably important. So a VFO or small steps.
David G0MRF


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