We are a small school in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, far enough away from the volcanic eruption to be safe. We have an aerospace class and club that is upgrading a satellite ground station.

We have:
IC-705 Transceiver
50 Ohm System
Computer with Windows 11
UHF & VHF Antennas (AMSAT combo)
Yaesu Rotator
Delta Fox Controller

We expect to be monitoring and perhaps contacting satellites in LEO via UHF and VHF.

We are looking for a recommendation for SDR. Previously, we have used the inexpensive RTL-SDR dongles, but with marginal success. 

We feel that it is really necessary to have an SDR with SDR# compatibility. We may also need one that can transmit, not only receive. Our nominal price range is under $500. 

 We have been considering the following:
Airspy R2 SDR
2021 PLUTO+ SDR AD9363 2T2R
However, we would definitely consider any others.

We would be grateful for any advice for anecdotes from experienced operators.

Frederick Herrmann
Makua Lani Christian Academy
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii