AMSAT no longer has a staffed office so if there is a phone number, it is only a "take a message and someone will get back to you".  Volunteers are pretty good about returning email.  I'd suggest you start out with with HELP in the subject, but if you don't hear anything, please contact me and I'll find the right person to talk to.  We care about your membership, so please don't feel like we are ignoring you.  Remember that we are all volunteers now!

I'll just answer a couple common questions here in case that helps you or others:

"Where is my AMSAT Journal?"   It no longer comes on paper.  It is now available for download (in color!) on the membership portal.

"Membership portal"?  Yes, your membership is all on-line based now.  If you do not have a password, but if AMSAT had your email address before, go to and where you are asked to login, put in your email address and say you don't have your password.  If that does not work, or AMSAT did not have your email, or the wrong email, send email to with HELP in the subject.


Burns WB1FJ

On Mon, Jul 17, 2023 at 8:33 AM Steve Brockway via AMSAT-BB <> wrote:
Is there a phone number that a person can call? I need to talk to someone about my membership.



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