Thanks all for the input - very nice of you.

I studied it a little closer and discover another clue.  SatPC32 tracks the Doppler just fine.  It's SatPC32ISS that's lost it's mind.  If I watch the download frequency in SatPC32ISS update it starts deviating from the correct frequency within a second or two after starting SatPC32ISS.  It starts at the correct base frequency I have in the Doppler.SQF file (derived from tuning to GreenCube in SatPC32) but then at different rates per run session it takes off and starts jumping up in frequency in steps way to large, until it's jumping in some cases as much as 10-20 KHz are a time!  Obviously, after a jump or two I'm off frequency too far to operate.  Most of the times the jumps are small so I didn't notice them at first, thus the drift off the correct Doppler-adjusted frequency is too small to notice other than in the waterfall where the signal starts drifting to the left.

My install of SatPC32ISS is new, I just updated to V12.10.  V12.9 was acting the same way.  Now I just need to figure out what's making SatPC32ISS lose it's mind.

On 11/20/2022 9:43 AM, PE0SAT | Amateur Radio via AMSAT-BB wrote:

Greencube is 53106

1 53106U 22080B   22323.09002148 -.00000003  00000-0  00000-0 0  9997
2 53106  70.1752  32.7128 0008932 231.1104 128.8759  6.42557452  8251

On 20-11-2022 17:27, Alan Biddle wrote:

According to Guenter's Space Page, Greencube is COSPAR 2022-080E.


OBJECT E               

1 53109U 22080E   22324.17429076 -.00000003  00000-0  00000+0 0  9992

2 53109  70.1537  32.1063 0009356 217.0429 142.9588  6.42583450  8211


73 es GL,





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