Good evening...
I've always considered working the linear birds a challenge.
Especially on the lower elevation passes.
I've worked the birds since the 1980s.
I first worked AO-7, then AO-8.
Mostly mode A.
Eventually I moved to mode J.
With downconverters for 70cm.
I made over 600 contacts through those satellites.
I currently am using a Kenwood TS-2000x.
And an Icom IC-9700.
Im using eggbeater antennas.
One for 2m, and the other for 70cm.
I've currently made over 300 contacts through the satellites.
AO-7, XW-2A, B, C, D, E, F. CAS-4A & B, LO-19.
And others as well.
I've also made contacts through most of the FM Birds.
Ao-85, 91, 92, and the ARISS FM Repeater.
And I've heard AO-95

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