For sale:  (all New in Box) 2m and 70cm RHCP antennas and 2m and 70cm T/R switched LNAs. (why selling?  Cleaning the house; simplifying/streamlining).  Took on too many projects.


70cm Helix 16-Turn 435 MHz Helical Antenna RHCP kit, 15.2dB measured (by G3RUH), 2.78m boom, 1.08 wavelength circumference, pitch angle 12.8 degrees, 4.0kg weight.  New from G3RUH James Miller, never assembled.  includes ‘how to assembly’ documentation (all parts included).  I had local machine-shop fabricate the one G3RUH reflector piece that was missing (so the Helix is complete).  

$250 shipped, continental 48 (or delivered if local)


WiMo  2m WX-220 (Crossed Yagi 2 x 10 elements) with WiMo fixed RHCP phasing harness.   $175 shipped, continental 48


VHF Designs:    LNA 70cm QRO SAW (w/ built-in T/R relays)   $175 shipped, continental 48

VHF Designs:    LNA VHF 2m band QRO EME (w/ built-in T/R relays).   $175 shipped, continental 48


Package price for all four items by single buyer:  $750 shipped, continental 48


Located Sullivan, Wisconsin (pix available on request).    All items below cost. 


Thank you,   very 73,

David J. Schmocker, KJ9I

Email me off-list (directly) please.  Kj9idave {at} charter [dot] net.