Zach, Bob et al,
In addition to the "bad boys" problem, there is another, more recent one: people who do not tell the truth when they file for IARU frequency coordination, ITU notification, and/or licenses from their national administrations.  Then there are those who
don't file at all, and simply orbit their uncoordinated satellites.  IARU is well aware of these, and is doing the best it can to deal with  (them especially PB2T, the IARU Satellite Advisor, who is in contact with many national regulators) but the problems persist.  

One thing you, the readers of this email, can do to help is to check the IARU satellite data base ( before publicising a satellite project, to make sure it is properly coordinated.  Any questions that come up about this ahould go to

73 Ray W2RS

Subject: [AMSAT-BB] Re: Hawkeye 360 next three satellites this summer

On 06/03/21 06:20, Robert McGwier wrote:
> I despise people illegally using amateur radio equipment. Listening in
> the amateur radio bands to anyone's co,

nversation has no guarantee of
> privacy.

Hello Bob,

Let me clarify: there is no expectation of privacy in the amateur radio
service, and commercial use is prohibited.

My privacy comments were aimed at your satellites tracking cellular
phones and other consumer-type radios. However, I'll leave it at that,
as this forum is dedicated to amateur radio in space.

Bad guys using our satellites for nefarious purposes, as W2RS mentions
in a reply, is definitely something that should concern us.

--- Zach


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