Hello Brian,
i guess 1 connector per antenna....
so for circular polarisation this will never work!
for using both coupled, you can use a 2m!! powerdivider for 2 antennas, as for stacking 2 identical 2m yagis.This will work also for the 70cm because it is 3/4L from 2m. You can use 2 identical 50ohm coax feeders to each antenna then. To the other hand at the powerdivider use a 2/70 diplexer with the common to the powerdivider, the other side to each band output from trx. The DK7ZB info is just a 2 port powerdivider and has nothing to do with phasing lines.
Best  is to use a crossyagi for 70 and a crossyagi for 2m, + with a polarisationswitch per band you can do H V RHCP and LHCP. I made this myself with coax lenghts corrected to less then 1°. Works FB but is overkill, because switching between H or V should be enough, but i made this for fun.


Van: "Brian Clark" <[email protected]>
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Verzonden: Maandag 29 november 2021 05:22:25
Onderwerp: [AMSAT-BB] Phasing Cable/System - 2 Dual-Band Yagi's

Hello Everyone,

I have two Dual-Band 2 Meter/440 Yagi's  that I would like to use on a Rotator, with one in the vertical polarity and one in horizontal.

Is there a phasing circuit or system that someone can recomend to allow both of these antennas to coexist on one coax input to my radio?




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