Hi folks,

Is there any one that uses the Kenwood  TS-2000 and Wisp

Using the internal TNC to RX/TX on Falconsat-3?

I cannot get success. I can RX but cannot TX since there is signal on the SUB Band.

Please can somebody give me the correct settings.

Actually I have the following settings in the radio:


Menu 46 MAIN

Menu 47 9600Bps

Menu 48 TNC BAND

Menu 55 On


On the main band I have set the RX frequency 435.103 FM for the Downlink and

On the Sub Band the TX Frequency 145.840 FM for the Downlink.

The PTT is set on the SUB band.

When the MSPE program starts, I can see the STA and CON LEDs flashing for three times

That indicates me the radio is gone in kiss mode.

I can see the data coming in, but when I go to request the directory or a message the radio does not

Go in TX since there is signal on the  MAIN band.

Please what am I doing wrong or which settings is wrong in the radio?

Please any help will be really appreciated.




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