Hi all,


I took advantage of the gorgeous weather for the 24th here in Dallas, to drag all my satellite stuff out into the back yard and make contacts on several Linear passes throughout the middle of the day.  I have not been on the linear birds since Field Day.  Most of my good passes during the middle of the day, were the CAS 4Z and CAS 4B birds.  4B was nice and strong as it ever was, but 4A was weak and impossible for me to find myself.  It was 4A that was reported to be shutting down periodically?  Or 4B?  Both birds never seemed to drop,  but for me 4A seemed much lower in output power.  Is this what others have noticed, or was it just me? 


Just curious.  I enjoyed the outing, even with that challenge.  Hope to be active on sats for fun on Winter Field Day, even if only ne contact counts toward our score.