I am releasing a new version of FoxTelem ahead of the launch of MESAT-1.  You may have heard about this at the AMSAT NA symposium.  Some details here: https://umaine.edu/wisenetlab/mesat1/

If you want to decode MESAT-1 then you will need this new version of FoxTelem.  MESAT-1 has an AMSAT Linear Transponder Module (LTM) and will transmit health data and images at 1200bps using BPSK.  FoxTelem will decode and display the images from the University of Maine multi-spectral camera, as well as other data about the spacecraft.

This version of FoxTelem will still support all previous spacecraft and the CubeSat Simulator.

You can download it from these locations:

In addition to support for MESAT-1 this version also includes several bug fixes and enhancements.  If you have questions or comments, other than "when is the launch", because I don't know, then feel free to contact me.  You can also log issue or bugs on github here: 


Chris E. Thompson