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On 24-06-2022 16:12, BeetleJerald Oliver wrote:

I am still having desense on my UHF downlink on the IC-9700.  Antenna is a 30 element M2 CP Yagi with SSB Preamp at the antenna.
I have yet to check connections at the end for any problems, but will do so.
Connectos are all Type N on system.
Is there any better option than the Comet CF-416C diplexer to help or even eliminate the 2M uplink from desensing the 70CM downlink ?
I would have to weatherize it to ensure longlife, etc.     Perhaps there is a sealed inline filter that would handle the capability of the 
radio which is 75 watts out on 70CM.  Anyone with info pleae share with me.
Jerry    KJ4EU
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