For the third time today, Bob, there is nothing you have suggested that hasn't been included in all my presentations.

Scores of AMSAT members have been among the thousands who have attended. The only "complaints" have come from two people. These two - as far as I can tell - have NEVER attended any of my presentations.

You can attend a show ... I can keep a spot open for you. And after attending, others would give your opinions and suggestions more weight when you can actually say you know what you are talking about, and offer objective suggestions. Here's a couple upcoming dates - accommodating different times in the evenings:

September 16, 4pm Pacific
September 1, 7pm Pacific

Clint K6LCS
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On Aug 22, 2021, at 9:25 PM, Bob Liddy (K8BL) <[email protected]> wrote:

Clint K6LCS,

These are suggestions from many long-time and actual users
of the FM SATs. Following them would help alleviate the chaos
and mayhem often taking place during most evening and weekend

Do you plan to include all/any of them in your presentations? Do you
reject any/all of them? Which ones do you plan to include and/or
reject for consideration? Do you think any of them are worthwhile?

Do you not accept/consider suggestions? Do you not appreciate
regular and long-time users offering suggestions? Do you feel that
fellow AMSAT Members are welcome to offer suggestions? Are your
fellow AMSAT Members out of line when offering suggestions? It would
appear that you are not open to suggestions since you are dismissive
when they are offered. One would think that an AMSAT Ambassador
would be open and receptive and welcoming to suggestions. Yet, you
obviously convey the opposite impression.

TNX/73,    Bob  K8BL