You seem to be blaming the chaos on FM sats on Clint and/or his presentations. That is just bizarre thinking.
Clint can not possibly be responsible for the behavior of everyone on the FM sats. 
Even if Clint gave his presentation to everyone that has ever used an  FM sat, he is still not responsible for the operator's behavior.
Maybe you want to volunteer to give "better" presentations that will cure all of our ills.
 Here's your two cents back.
Keep it.
Steve AI9IN

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From: Bob Liddy (K8BL) ([email protected])
Date: 08/23/21 12:20
To: [email protected], Brad Smith ([email protected])
Subject: [AMSAT-BB] Re: K6LCS Sat Presentations


1 - The chaos and mayhem on the FM SATS continues unabated.

2 - Because of Clint's Presentations, new users are added and proper
     operating procedure are often not followed.

3 - That brings into question whether the Presentations are adequate
      and/or need tweaking or more emphasis.

4 - Suggestions from experienced/active AMSAT Members are rejected
     and/or ignored out-of-hand and appear to be unwelcome.

Those are my two cents.

73,   Bob  K8BL