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I think the key question here is “what is the actual question?” – if the club member is asking whether he can use a single Baofeng handheld in full duplex mode, the answer is almost certainly no, but if he’s asking if Baofeng handhelds can be used to work a satellite, the answer is inevitably “if you grab two of them and run one on each band, you can work the FM satellites fairly easily”. They aren’t going to be the cleanest of transmitters, and their receive may not be the most sensitive, but when you can pick up two of them for $30 or so, they’re a cheap way of getting yourself started.


So it’s worth clarifying the question – are we talking about a single FDX handheld, or a pair of them in standard HDX?



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I new member to our club who holds a tech license asked me if I knew,if any of the Baofeng HTs were capable of satellite operation. I know this has been discussed to death and I think the answer is no, but I don’t want to mislead him.


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