Some menu items to check, too:

Menu Number     Setting

50 Sub Band Mute     OFF


52 DATA AF/SQL  MAIN (don't think this one applies, but mine is set like this...)

57 9600 Mode     ON


On 2/20/2021 12:36 PM, Mark Hammond wrote:

Hi Carm,

I've been able to work FS-3 with my IC-9100, a recent production SignaLink USB sound card interface, and just a software TNC and PacSat Ground Station.   It didn't seem as efficient as a hardware TNC, but it works on both uplink and downlink...

(What I could NEVER get to work is to do 9600 with the USB cable and built in sound card...)

So, some quick thoughts.

1-is the IC_9100 radio in FM-D for FM-digital mode?   As I recall it must be, or it doesn't use the proper pin on the back for TX or RX audio.  You can use mode "FMD" in SatPC32 and it will put the rig into the right mode.

2-is your soundcard known to work with other radios on both TX and RX at 9600?  On some interfacews, I have had to bypass audio transformers, in some cases on both TX and RX, for sufficient high and low frequencies to pass through.

3-it's easy to get the wrong pins on the IC-9100.  DATA2 jack, pin 1 is for TX and pin 4 for RX. 

4-on the SignaLink USB Modem, they don't exactly show you how to last up the jumpers for full duplex satellite operations.  Have to follow and work through the logic about which pin/band is used for TX and which is used for RX, and that the jumpers are correct for main/sub and satellite mode.

Anyhow, maybe that will help you debug your setup!  Hope to get a message from you on FS-3, soon :)  

We all miss mode L/v nights--I could always count on you being there at mode switch!


Mark N8MH

On 2/20/2021 12:15 PM, Carmen Peca wrote:

Ok, It seems that it looks like no one has got this to work, even though the manual says it should. I was warned by Jeff,KB2M that it was going to be a challenge, but I had everything on hand to give it a try. It will work with dedicated hardware TNC, but not with a software based TNC even though the connections are the same. Unless a 9600 baud TNC comes my way cheaply, I will just keep collecting telemetry. I do not want to jinx the Sat by spending a lot of money on a TNC (Hi Hi ).


Thanks to all that responded, 73



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