Hey Tim, sounds to me that you need to populate your SubTone.sqf file. Here is what I have in mine. some of these entries are no longer needed. I just collected them over the years.

SUMBANDILA (SO-67),233.6,$01,36

Jerry N5EKO

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This is my first post here and of course it is a question.  I am just getting into satellites and have a lot to learn.

I downloaded satpc32 and have it running in demo mode and it seems to be working fine when connected to my IC-910H.  One issue I have is I can't enable the tone.  I have cycled from T0, T1, and T2 and the rig never turns on the PL tone.

I read a past message about this where it mentioned needing to install the "American" version in order for the tone function to work correctly.  I only seem to find the one version to download.  Is there another one or has the software been updated to take care of both radio versions?  I did look at the subtone.SQF file and I see the code that I think should make it work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the much earlier msg I found:

Hello Les, with the settings that come with the SatPC32 12.8b setup file you can switch on the 67.0 Hz and the 74.4 Hz sub tones of the IC-910H. While tracking SO-50 click the SatPC32 "T" control (in the uppler left part of the SatPC32 main window) to "T1". That will switch on the 67.0 tone. Click "T2", that will switch on the 74.4 Hz tone. Clicking to "T0" will switch off the tone. Important: I suppose you have the American version of the IC-910H. So, make sure that you have installed the English program version for AMERICAN users!. The European English program version doesn't set the tone frequencies of the American version of the IC-910H, because the tone frequency setting commands are different.

The program stores the sub tone frequencies in "SubTone.SQF" in the SatPC32 data folder. The file contains already the necessary settings for SO-50.

Thanks and 73,



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