During my satellite presentations, I will ask attendees to access their 
slide rules as we together derive satellite pass data manually, to graph 
each pass on equatorial graph paper …

“What - no one has a slide rule?” I will playfully chide them. “Didn’t the 
club president tell you all to have him for the presentation?”

Well, the Puget Sound Repeater Group just floored me: EIGHT SLIDE 
RULES were in the audience (three from one person, including a 
circular one and I recognized another as a Pickett Vector Model 300 - 
in its original leather case)!

A wonderful club. Sixty-two total years of supporting their region. 
Multiple daily nets that are well-attended (I know - I monitored ‘em 
via Echolink for a couple days). ARRL Special Service Club …


And very exciting for them: a 89-degree elevation pass of the ISS 
this evening during their 9PM Net!

I lost count … I think this was the 144th or 145th show presented. It 
is not getting old … as long as clubs want to know how to work the 
"easy” satellites, AMSAT will get the information to them!

Clint Bradford K6LCS
AMSAT Ambassador
ARRL Affiliate Club Coordinator, registered instructor
(909) 999-SATS - voicemail