The GOLF-TEE manifest has been announced in AMSAT News Service Bulletins twice over the past few weeks. There were also posts to the bulletin board from AMSAT officers.
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It is possible I have missed something in the recent AMSAT announcement of the manifest of the GOLF-TEE satellite on NASA ELaNa 46.  I read the announcement several times in several publications.   I am curious, was not Fox 1E on ELaNa 20?  The big missing detail in the AMSAT announcement on GOLF-TEE was, WHEN??  The NASA Educational Launch of Nano-satellites program has been going for some years now.  Since 1E was ELaNa 20, is there any indication of a “No earlier than” date for a potential launch?  That would be a worthwhile for members to know I would think.. 


If I missed something, I am sorry for asking the question, but…



73, Tom, N5HYP


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