Thank you for posting AO-85 again Ray. 

Folks, I've seen a single pass of AO-85 on SatNogs that looked like the repeater was running.  Purely from looking at the waterfall, I did not see any telemetry data, and it appeared that the repeater was on for roughly two minutes, then cut off briefly, and then restarted.  I saw no obvious signals being repeated.

I also tried a pass or 2 from my QTH and did not see or hear 85 (although there are other things at a similar time whose dopplers were not matching).  So don't get your hopes up too high, but please do report anything.  Especially try FoxTelem to see if you get data, and try uplinks to see if you can hear yourself (or anyone else).  Be sure to report it in as well as here and/or the AMSAT Discord board.


Burns Fisher
AMSAT Flight Software

On Tue, May 3, 2022 at 10:49 PM <> wrote:
AO-85 is back!!!
Per Paul Stoetzer, N8HM "it seems to have woken up."
Like AO-07, you just can't keep a good satellite down.

TLE for AO-85 will be included in this week's TLE distribution.

For now, here are current TLE for AO-85:

1 40967U 15058D   22122.55538421  .00005037  00000-0  52331-3 0  3555
2 40967  64.7745 211.7318 0200720 214.8082 143.9700 14.77257778 53883

Ray Hoad
AMSAT-NA Orbital Elements Manager


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