More than 1 200 000 frames have been received on the AMSAT-F (  experimental database this week. It is possible to visualize the data via an online Dashboard: (

These data were collected by more than 50 stations in the world via the UVSQsat decoder software.  The software allows to send the data to the AMSAT-F and Satnogs databases. The continuous reception of telemetry is valuable to the project team that is piloting the satellite.
Although the downloading of large amounts of data is done over Europe, this also took place over Japan with the help of Japanese radio amateurs.
It is noted that a new version of the UVSQSAT Decoder software is available with new features (new ASCII  telemetry decoded, performance improvement,..)

The commissioning  phase  has been successfully completed. Now the UVSQsat project team with Radioclub F6KRK and AMSAT-Francophone will conduct further tests on the transponder to ensure that it can be operated over a period of several days without taking any risk to the satellite.

  For this we are looking for volunteer radio amateurs to participate in these tests on all continents. If you are interested contact AMSAT-Francophone (

Christophe Mercier 
AMSAT-F president