This is the arrangement that I use. As another commenter said, if you’re not interested in phasing them for circular polarity, all you need is a coax switch. There are surplus switches available that have low insertion loss beyond 70 cm. Mine runs on 28v and has N connectors. 

For satellite work, I have a toggle switch in the shack that allows me to flip the relay and change polarity at will during a satellite pass. The reason the antennas are not phased together is that I use them separately for terrestrial work. The horizontal is for weak signal work while the vertical is for FM repeater and packet communications. 

Both are on a G5500 rotator (in the attic thanks to the local HOA.) I’ve been pleased with their performance and flexibility.


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On Sunday, November 28, 2021, 11:23 PM, Brian Clark <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I have two Dual-Band 2 Meter/440 Yagi's  that I would like to use on a Rotator, with one in the vertical polarity and one in horizontal.

Is there a phasing circuit or system that someone can recomend to allow both of these antennas to coexist on one coax input to my radio?




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