AMSAT Community,
       I'm sending this message BCC to hopefully avoid too many replies to the AMSAT-BB. There are almost 2500 subscribers to that list. If you have concerns about mail delivery, we still recommend that you contact That is the best way to get assistance. This is not intended to say that discussion about the mail system should be kept off the BB. If you have something constructive to contribute, please do that. But please also consider the 2500 inboxes your message will be going to. Most people remain focused on amateur satellite and related discussions, not necessarily e-mail problems. 

       We are aware of continued mail delivery issues, related to specific ISPs. The Mailman list system and callsign forwarding, in general, are working. We continue to be challenged by certain ISPs, who block or delay delivery of e-mails from our server. Sometimes it changes within one day. The scope of this challenge has been unexpected; but we have been working day and night to resolve these issues. In the last week, we have worked with 3 or 4 different ISPs to restore e-mail flow. As of this morning, and affiliated systems are now allowing mail again. A lot of this is due to ISPs' efforts to mitigate SPAM, some being more heavy-handed than others.

       We are also aware of issues with the new web interface for archive e-mails. We have a fix developed, and it will most likely be deployed late tonight. We are optimistic that this will resolve the "loading icon" and server error problems on the archive website.

       We thank everyone again for their patience. We are well aware that this mail system change has been problematic for a lot of you. We apologize for that. Our aim is to modernize the system and bring in some new or improved capabilities. We will get there as the system becomes more stable. 

- Matthew Alberti / KM4EXS / AMSAT-NA IT Team