To Ryan, Mark, Christy and others whose information proved very helpful.  I solved the receive issue by simply changing the Menu 50 submenu to 9600 from 1200. Instant decodes.  Tx is another issue. Listening to my signal on my D7 HT, I hear almost no digital “whoosh”, just carrier.


True to Ryan’s and Mark’s info re filtering in the Signalink attenuating the 9600 data stream, a call to a Signalink tech confirmed that the older Signalinks (with the red transformers like mine) probably do not pass enough 9600 data to be useful. However, the newer Signalinks reportedly do a better job and indeed ops are using them.


I prefer to not have to buy a new SL and will do some online searching for an alternative interface or other solution (but not a physical TNC).


I hope this provides a “little” help for anyone else with a TS2K having trouble getting on Falconsat.


73, Craig




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