Here is the document, via DK1TB website!

Mark N8MH 

On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 7:01 PM Mark L. Hammond <> wrote:
Rick, I’m actually trying to figure out what you want to run at the same time.  ?

You need to use the USB cable/com port for SatPC32 spectrum. Then if you want Radio control of the 9700, you must also use a CI-V converter cable/com port to the REMOTE port of the 9700 (1/8” jack).  Then you can use radio control in SatPC32 at the same time as the spectrum.   Then you could use WSJT-X without any radio control.  There is a good document on the AMSAT webpage that walks you through it. You’ll Have to search, I’m mobile.  

Or, exit SatPC32, and then you should be able to have WSJT-X use either of the ports above.  

Just don’t try to use a port twice!

Mark N8MH 

On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 5:30 PM Richard Lawn <> wrote:
Many of you helped me to sort out my setup issues with the IC-9700 with SatPC32 and WSJT-X. Now I'm trying to sort out how to get the SatPC32 scope also working which seems to be a problem. I can get it working without using WSJT-X but as soon as I set that up I'm out of ports that are available at the 115200 baud rate which is required I think for the SatPC32 scope. The comports I have to work with are:

11 - assigned to WSJT-X
12 - assigned to SatPC32
113 - CI-V 

I just double checked and tried some other options just to make sure I wasn't cluttering up this list, and now it seems I have no scope on SatPC32 at all even in Configuration #3 where it was working. I'm stumped.

Rick, W2JAZ


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Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]