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Reminder: The weekly ARISS mentor telecon is at 21:00 UTC on Wednesdays (see note below).



Week 4: Revised the available options due to the unavailability of VK6MJ for South Yarra Primary School, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia, 2021-07-20, telebridge via TBD


Week 7: Uploaded questions and story for Wolfgang-Kubelka-Realschule (WKR), Schondorf am Ammersee, Germany, telebridge via TBD via TEAMS or Zoom


New Kep set available


Equipment plans are due 2021-07-31 for first half 2022 schools

If your school is going to do a live stream, then make sure I receive the entire URL for the contact.  That means I want the URL for even the ARISS YouTube produced contacts.  I am not going to attempt to remember what URL was used last.  Things tend to change on the fly around here and since I am not in on every email or voice conversation where something might get changed, I need to get whatever URL is going to be used.  I don’t care if the URL has been used for the 1000th time, just pass along what is going to be used.  Then I do not have to guess.  If there is going to be a change in the URL, then please tell me if it is replacing an existing link or if it is in addition to an existing link.  I can’t guess at what you are doing, so you have to tell me.

Several things for you to tell the schools when it is time to get the story and questions.  You would not believe the amount of time I have had to do at times because some school did not follow some pretty simple rules on how I want to see the story and questions.  We have a specific format that is used for the uplink files that is based on crew comments and ARISS review.  So please make sure your school does it correctly in the first place.  Otherwise, I may send it back for either the mentor to fix (and see what I have to go through sometimes) or send it back to the school to fix.  This also means that the mentor should actually look at what a school sent them before sending something to me rather than just forwarding on a file to me.

1.  File name.  Plain old simple text (TXT) works best.  But if you have a story or questions that are using something like French, where there are lot of accent marks for the letters; please also send me an RTF file.  I can handle just about any file format, but TXT and RTF are pretty universal in nature.  Languages like Russian or Japanese might not lend themselves very well to using a TXT file, so also send me an RTF.  I will figure out what actually works best for the uplink.

2.  Turn off all the automatic formatting stuff.  The means Bullet Library=None, Numbering Library=None, List Library=None.  Also, never use tabs.  Different programs pick up the tab locations differently and can cause all sorts of issues.

3.  Use Align Left.

4.  Turn off the idea of forcing carrier returns to just keep the maximum line length to something like 80 characters.  I remove all of those and let it wrap to the next line.

5.  Do not capitalize the student names.  I know that is what is done in some countries, but I end up changing that to have just the first letter capitalized.

6.  The formatting for the questions is to be this:

SequenceNumber. FirstName (age or grade):  Question?           Note the use of ( ) and the colon after the ).  Note that there is a period after the SequenceNumber, then a space before the name.  I usually put in 2 spaces after the colon.  If you have 2 or more students with the same first name, then give me the last name or the last name initial; for example, Bob Smith or Bob S. would be just fine.  Again, I will figure out what the end result will look like.

HERE IS WHAT I DO NOT WANT TO SEE.  This really takes up time to correct.  DO NOT USE A TABLE FOR THE QUESTIONS.  Here is what I usually get if a table is used:




Age or grade




Age or grade




Age or grade




Age or grade

What I usually must do is go into each line to merge the cells for that row, then copy/paste, then re-arrange so that the name and age/grade are before the question.  Again, we are using a very specific format for the uplink file.  So, anything you can do at the beginning makes it easier on me at the end of the process.

Here is what the table eventually gets converted to:

1. Name (Age or grade):  Question?

2. Name (Age or grade):  Question?

3. Name (Age or grade):  Question?

4. Name (Age or grade):  Question?

7.  The use of PDF files.  About 95% of the time, I have no problems using a file that comes in as a PDF.  Sometimes I think people feel it is easier, but in reality, sometimes it is way more difficult to use.  The cases where neither of my PDF programs allowed me to do a copy from the PDF into the Word file, I had to hand enter the data into the uplink file.  Sometimes I might get lucky and one of my PDF programs will save it as a Word file, but that may mean I still have to do some cleanup before getting it into the uplink.  The PDF files that usually give me a problem are ones where something was handwritten, scanned, and then saved as PDF or ones that were type written, scanned, and were actually crooked.  So, I would actually prefer receiving a TXT or RTF file than a PDF if possible.  I tend to have no issues if a file was printed using the Microsoft Print to PDF feature.  But you have seen for the last zillion years, I will do what is needed to get the data.

Stay safe everyone!




Charlie AJ9N