Hi Bob,

  I actually know John as well.  When I lived in Mesa, I lived a couple hundred feet from John and Diane.  I've ate several meals at their winter QTH and have driven John to many summits to attempt satellite dx.  

  I also have coffee and pastry with John and Diane when I come through Cleveland.

  It was John that piqued my interest again into satellites.  My first contact on sats was with John while I stood outside in my yard.....a couple hundred feet away.

  His son Doug wrote a script that I use to glean the updated VUCC standings.  I then put "new" VUCC members into a spreadsheet and sort by "home" grid squares, states, and countries.

73 Jon N7AZ

On Tue, Mar 1, 2022, 9:33 AM Bob Liddy (K8BL) <k8bl@ameritech.net> wrote:
Jon, et al:

A big CONGRATS to all who have put the enjoyment and effort into
increasing their SAT Grid totals. FB!! I no longer have a home SAT
Station and do not really chase Grids any more. But, my joy is to roam
and give out Grids to those in the hunt.

As far as John K8YSE is concerned... We've been Friends/Co-Workers
for over 40 years and I guarantee that he will always be at least ONE
ahead of anyone that might come close - HIHI. Plus, he'll always help
anyone in need with his knowledge and experience.

TNX/73,   Bob  K8BL

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 06:56:01 AM GMT-5, Jon Goering <n7az.jon@gmail.com> wrote:

February 01, 2022 to March 01, 2022.
K8YSE                2007     2035
WC7V                 1250     1256
N8RO                 1124     1128
N1AIA                 604      613
VE1CWJ                585      609
AF5CC                 582      600
ND0C                  555      561
W8LR                  526      548
S57NML                409      508
W2ZF                  276      467
PV8DX                 423      428
KC1MMC                230      355
W0JW                  103      341
W4DTA                 301      327
RA3DNC                276      305
VE3KY                 251      278
KG4AKV                100      254
KE7RTB                200      250
N8MR                  206      227
N3CAL                 214      224
K3HPA                 201      205
N0GVK                 New      203
JH0BBE                129      133
W1AW                  New      103
SA5IKN                New      101

N0GVK is first home station from EN00 and 1st Nebraska
SA5IKN is first home station from Sweden and JO89

  Is anyone ever going to catch that K8YSE guy?

73 Jon N7AZ


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