Many of you helped me to sort out my setup issues with the IC-9700 with SatPC32 and WSJT-X. Now I'm trying to sort out how to get the SatPC32 scope also working which seems to be a problem. I can get it working without using WSJT-X but as soon as I set that up I'm out of ports that are available at the 115200 baud rate which is required I think for the SatPC32 scope. The comports I have to work with are:

11 - assigned to WSJT-X
12 - assigned to SatPC32
113 - CI-V 

I just double checked and tried some other options just to make sure I wasn't cluttering up this list, and now it seems I have no scope on SatPC32 at all even in Configuration #3 where it was working. I'm stumped.

Rick, W2JAZ