As noted below. We have enabled PSAT2 for APRS on 145.825 and it should be
4 times stronger than PSAT (+6 dB).  Also it has the APRS-to-Voice enabled for 
your enjoyment..  See for how to use the A2V feature..

We tried to enable PSAT digipeating but it died. a day later.  We will keep an
eye on it and enable it again if it becomes stable.       Bob, WB4APR

On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 3:17 PM Robert Bruninga <> wrote:
> PSAT2(NO-104) will enter about 2 weeks of good USA coverage between
> about 10 to 22 June. Normally its low inclination orbit favors the southern
> USA. But the orbit is also elliptical and so there are times when the elevation
> angle to more northern stations rises as much as 20 degrees..  Bringing
> higher latitude stations into the footprint..
> Currently it's VHF Xponder has been in DTMF & APRS-to-Voice (A2V) mode
> but with the ISS digipeater being inactive, we will enable PSAT2 for normal
> APRS operations plus the A2V feature.
> its HF/UHF transponder will remain in linear operation for PSK31
> SSTV and Voice.
> We also note that PSAT(NO84) has awakened from poor sun angles and we will
> try to activate its digipeater.
> Bob, WB4APR