I'm having some issues running Gpredict with an IC9700 using Hamlib as the interface.
I wonder if anyone has a solution or any ideas?

It seems Gpredict is unable to receive or send data to the radio.

I have the Hamlib programme rigctl  working OK.  When I run it alone I can use the command line to send and receive data from the radio. e.g  F  435910666 will change the radios frequency via USB without problems.

I'm using the following in the shortcut and it seems to work.  rigctl.exe -m 3081 -r com6 -t 4532 -s 115200

However, when running Gpredict, I cannot get any radio commands, so no Doppler tracking etc.
I've used the Youtube guide by VA2CST, but clearly I've made a mistake somewhere. It looks like Gpredict is not talking to rigctl.

Any help appreciated.  Trying to get onto IO-117 before the radiation kills something.


David  G0MRF