Dear All,

Below a Tweet I sent a few minutes ago:

"Any successful 2 way-QSO with MIR-SAT 1 digipeater? I will personally send 2 MIR-SAT 1 first day cover to the first parties reporting a QSO, some value to the HAM community I believe as it is quite rare that a HAM satellite is recognize by having by a national stamp. 73 Jean Marc

It would be really a great news for me to have a confirmation that at least one 2-way QSO has been made through MIR-SAT 1 thus confirming it fully as a real HAM bird.

Your help is again important to achieve this important milestone, making the mission a full success.

Unfortunately, I cannot do it right now as so far I am the only station capable to digipeat trough LEO’s in the region but working with 3B8 and FR OM's these days to make it possible as I personally will really like to make a 2-way QSO through MIR-SAT 1.


Jean Marc (3B8DU)