Its here!  PSAT2 (NO-104) is entering a great operating period for 10 to 22 
June in the northern hemisphere.  Passes are late evening but moving earlier.

As noted below. We have enabled PSAT2 for APRS on 145.825 and it should 
be 4 times stronger than PSAT (+6 dB).  Also it has the APRS-to-Voice 
enabled for your enjoyment..  See for how to use
the A2V feature..

> Also we have enabled PSAT (NO84) digipeating.

> PSAT2(NO-104) will enter about 2 weeks of good USA coverage between
> about 10 to 22 June. Normally its low inclination orbit favors the southern
> USA. But the orbit is also elliptical and so there are times when the elevation
> angle to more northern stations rises as much as 20 degrees..  Bringing
> higher latitude stations into the footprint..
> its HF/UHF transponder will remain in linear operation for PSK31
> SSTV and Voice.
> Bob, WB4APR