So it's the heartbeat timing is more than 3 seconds from the CDNC?  I'll check that when I get home from work.  Thanks.

On 6/11/07, Stephen Moraco <> wrote:
> Please refresh me on the function of the watchdog timer.
   While the dongle may be powered up, can traffic needs to be sent to
   the Widget at least once every three seconds or the watchdog will fire.
  This watchdog is here to account for a number of possible system
   issues.  Some of them are (1) CAN-Do is not hearing IHU CAN
   traffic so it assumes it is not well and resets or (2) the CAN Do for
   some reason locks up and can't receive CAN traffic in which case,
   again, it resets.  
   The only CAN traffic that resets the watchdog timer is 'configure'
   messages (Heartbeat traffic in CDNC terms).  So set the heartbeat
   rate for something shorter than 3 seconds and you will not see any
   watchdog resets.
   This description help?