I agree with Phil's assessment.  When I was using dialup, the only problems were Earthlinks unreliability (modems stay connected, but movement of packets stops, requiring disconnect/reconnect) and if I babbled for a LOOONG time, I was reported to be "chopped up" -o- my guess is some buffer was overflowing ungracefully.


Phil Karn wrote:
John B. Stephensen wrote:
What ports does TeamSpeak require other than 8767 for UDP and 9274 for TCP?

My observation, using TeamSpeex on the Mac, is that TeamSpeak uses only 
UDP. The UDP source port is 9274, the destination port is 8478, and all 
the packets come from, ts1.teamspeakhost.com.

There are 123 data bytes in each UDP packet, and they come 10 per 
second. That's net rate of 9840 bits/sec. With IP and UDP overhead, 
that's 151 bytes/packet or 12,080 bits/sec, which still fits nicely in a 
dialup modem.

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