Let's start with the preliminary power budget that was developed in San Diego.  Take a look at that article on EaglePedia & see what you think.

I agree it's time to get serious at this; a first step has been made.

I'll defer to Bob on the orbit; my memory is yes, we're looking at the approx 10 hour near equatorial orbit is my (imperfect) memory.

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Louis McFadin wrote:
Do we have any idea how much power Eagle will require in the two  different modes 1 In sunlight and 2 during eclipse? Should we design  for the 10 hour orbit that Ken used for his studies? In that orbit  the worst case eclipse is about two hours and most of the time it is  far less.
I know we have asked that question before. Maybe it's time to get  serious about establishing a power budget.

The answers to these questions will drive much of the design of the  spacecraft.