KA9Q has posted a huge treasure trove of AMSAT's history in the 1980's on his web site. This is a set of PDFs as outlined in this note posted on AMSAT-BB today. I pulled down the 1981 ASR's and I almost cried in nostalgia. Just to set the time frame, it was in 1980 that we lost P3A when the first stage motor on the Ariane L2 launch vehicle developed a "pogo" instability.

Also in ARRL's Packet Gateway (in "...vol2.pdf", page 35, and then on page 38) is my first public discussion of the SAREX Packet Robot that we flew with Ron Parise, WA4SIR (recently an SK) on Challenger.

Thanks to Phil -- 73, Tom


Hello all, if you'd like to take a trip back 25 years in time to the 
AMSAT and packet radio activities of the early and mid 1980s, you're in 
luck. I am scanning my collections of two old newsletters from that era 
and placing them online with permission:

The AMSAT Satellite Report (ASR) edited by the late Vern Riportella, 
WA2LQQ, and the ARRL Gateway newsletter on amateur packet radio.

With permission I am placing these pdf scans on my website. The 
following ASR files are up now:


This covers from the first issue of ASR in 1987 through mid 1987. I will 
finish the year 1987 and add more years when I find that batch of 

I have scanned two volumes of the ARRL Gateway bulletin so far:


I will add more of these as I find and scan them. Preserve the past!

73, Phil