Thanks for sending that to me.  Have any prototypes been tested of the converter?  I didn’t see anything about the switching frequencies.  Where will they fall?  Based on what you have, could an estimate be made as to the level and characteristics of conducted EMI on the bus?  That could become the basis for an EMI requirement for the payloads.  Then, if some reasonable method can be devised to create that conducted EMI, we’ll all be in a position to test the payload designs against that EMI requirement, using the test fixture. That would be a great thing!






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For a look at what is planned for the Eagle Power system, look at the presentation I prepared for Dayton this year. You can see it at "http://homepage.mac.com/w5did" Look in the w5did Eagle folder. The Max Solar Converter is a preliminary document annd not to be published but it describes the converter very well.



Lou McFadin



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Hi John,

I had a chat or two with Bob Davis about chassis and I think you can bring SMA connectors out one side and the CAN-Do out the end, but nothing out the back.

Given the amount of conducted 5 kHz noise I’m seeing, do you think you can filter it out?  Don’t forget, I’m feeding the receiver with bypassed clean DC from the bench supply at the moment.  The CAN-Do switched DC is nasty.

In your next version why not raise the switching frequency up and get it out of the passband completely?  What do you think of Howard’s idea of synching the switching supplies?