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Somewhere in this discussion, Juan has asked basically, "what is acceptable phase noise at what offset?"  This is similar to a question I asked Bob McGwier some months ago, as I contemplate various options for my 6m to 10 GHz terrestrial station.  The question arises because so many texts have different opinions and the manufacturers each choose a different offset for their specs, carefully avoiding evaluation of the phase noise of their device on whatever communications mode.

I think I remember Bob's answer as -110dbc at 10 KHz offset.

If I remember Bob's answer correctly (Which I may NOT, Bob, please correct me) then the picture Juan shows, which is the composite of his signal generator, his SDRIQ, and the U-band downconverter doesn't look too bad -- close, but maybe not close enough, but maybe so.  John, Matt, & Phil:  What is your evaluation of this phase noise on our intended uses of the receiver?

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Juan Rivera wrote:



The source of the spurs in the 70 cm prototype receiver is the CAN-Do module.


This is the receiver IF output as designed

(powered from pins 39 and 40 of the CAN-Do Module)